The U.S. Department of Education lists the Arts as subjects that college-bound middle and junior high school students should take, stating “Many colleges view participation in the arts and music as a valuable experience that broadens students’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is also well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development.”

We make a continuous effort to provide an excellent educational experience for our students, but as we are a self-supporting institution, we rely on extra funding to be able to improve some of our programs. If you are interesting in making a donation of any amount, please select a campaign below for more information.

Box Tops for Education

Earn cash for our school every time you shop for groceries. Clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products found at your local grocery store. Each coupon is worth 10 cents when we redeem them from General Mills. Submit them at the school office.

Donate used cars

Get tax credit for your used car and the school receives cash. Call (909) 621-4418 to find out how it works.