Student Handbook

Our Lady of Lourdes School is a Catholic community where faith is an integral part of the school’s culture and where all the school community shares the Christian vision. Our students are guided on a path of spiritual, academic, and social development taught in the light of the Gospel.

We believe that the family is first and foremost the primary educators of the child. With the support of family, the responsibility for Catholic education in the school rests with the teacher as an individual, as well as with faculty as a group who, steeped in the Gospel, model commitment to community, worship, service, and the teaching authority of the church.

We believe that every child is a unique child of God with an inalienable right to an education. Through a sound academic curriculum, provided in a caring, productive environment, students are motivated to achieve their greatest potential. Students are taught to understand cultural, social and spiritual diversity. With the confidence in their faith, they are prepared to accept their social and moral responsibilities as they become active participants in the dynamic world community.

Parent Handbook 2012