School History

Our Lady of Lourdes School was established in 1959 to provide Catholic Education for the children of the newly formed Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. The pastor, Fr. Joseph Mackey, with the approval of Bishop Charles Francis Buddy of San Diego, made the request to the Presentation Congregation in Ireland for sisters to staff the school.

The request was circulated to all the Presentation Sisters in the province. In keeping with the charism of their foundress, Nano Nagle, and her expressed wish to be of service in any part of the world, sisters who were interested discerned and volunteered. Four sisters were selected for the task, and the school, though the building was not quite completed, opened on September 14, 1959, with an enrollment of 270 students in grades one through six. More sisters continued to come to the school and by 1963 there were seven sisters serving grades one through eight, all classes at maximum capacity.

Over the years sisters were transferred to different ministries, making way for a qualified and dedicated faculty of lay people who continue to give generously of themselves in spreading the Catholic faith to the students and to their immediate and extended families. The Presentation Sisters have since retired from the school. Sr. Fidelma Lyne retired in 2010 after 50 years as the principal.

Our Lady of Lourdes School continually strives for excellence, and its instructional program has strong Catholic orientation. Dedicated professional administration and faculty, interested parents, and eager students have been the key factors in the successful history of Our Lady of Lourdes School.

Today, the completely lay staff proudly carries on the charism in the school of prayer, study, and service in the tradition of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Congregation.

Address: 5303 Orchard Street Montclair, CA 91763
County: San Bernardino
Superintendent: Mrs. Patrica Vesely
Diocese: San Bernardino
Parish: Our Lady of Lourdes
Pastor: Rev. Scott Nguyen
Former Religious Community: Union of the Presentation Sisters
Year the school was established: 1959
Type of School: Parochial
Principal: Mrs. Beverly Diaz de Leon
Appointed: 2010
Organizational Structure: Self-contained classrooms Jr. K-5th
Departmentalized 6th-8th
Enrollment 2012: 182
WCEA/WASC Accreditation Status: Accredited through June 2018